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JS Application

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JS is proud to present you with a free and revolutionary fashion app - over 170,000 users worldwide!!!

Now it's possible and for free! Anyone can be a fashion designer without any prior knowledge.
With one click, you can invent a creative, fashionable, colorful, and textured world.
Forget about the pages and pencils! You can design anytime, anywhere.

JS application offers you:

Fashion Illustration

The MODEL button allows you to color the character, select facial features, hair, and shoe types.

The PATTERN button allows you to choose the outfit you want to develop: skirts, pants, dresses, shirts, overalls, jackets, swimwear, and corsets.

The STYLE button allows you to accessorize the outfit by adding collars, frills, pockets, seams, zippers, sleeves, necklines, and more.

Technical illustration
The SIZE button allows you to enter the dimensions of your garment.
The "eye" button, at the bottom of the page, allows you to see the garment only, without the character.


The FABRIC PHOTO button lets you take pictures of the fabrics with which you want to sew the model.


Home printing
The SEND TO MY MAIL button lets you send the illustration to your email directly and print your designs.


The application is free and available to fashion designers, students, teachers, and anyone close to the fashion industry.

Take part in the future and join those who use already JS app!

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