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The course of fashion design and illustration

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JS is proud to present you a unique working method for fashion illustration - Your idea becomes reality!

JS learns you a unique working technique with different tools. Everyone can reach the highest level of fashion illustration.
The tutorials are for beginners and advanced. They explain step by step the method. You can learn at your own pace.
The courses are diverse and divided into topics. You can choose what to focus on and improve it. Start creating a world full of texture, color, style, fashion.

The JS method offers you:

A full course in fashion illustration
During this course, you will discover different materials and working techniques to create fashion illustrations, technical drawings, prints on fabric, collection, portfolio, and more...


Exercise pages
Practice pages based on the lessons you will receive. You can train and professionalize.

Video tutorials

JS invites you to watch the tutorials we have prepared for you. You can refer and repeat these videos, anytime and anywhere.


Technical sheets
JS allows you to use these files explaining the different techniques for developing patterns. These sheets are available for download and printing quickly and easily.


JS Conferences - live broadcasts

JS live, directly in contact with you. Conferences on various fashion topics, in an online classroom. 
You can participate, share your ideas, and ask all your questions.


Support Forum
JS allows you to contact us with any questions or requests. We are at your disposal anywhere, anytime.

Take part in the future and join those who have already chosen JS!

Forget traffic jams, tight schedules, constraints, large classes ... We are waiting for you!

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