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Fashion Designer Studio

JS helps you to develop your company in the fashion industry and to become one of the main fashion designers!!

Now it's possible! Anyone who wish, can develop it brand and become a designer influencing the fashion of tomorrow.
You will have at your disposal a team of professionals to support you step by step and according to your needs. We focus on fashion design in all its aspects.

JS offers you:

Personalized support
JS invites you to build a business plan according to your objectives, with professionals who will  help you, focus on your business needs and  the development of your project.


Create a collection
JS supports you from the start to the end of your project.
We help you to  define the concept of your collection, to illustrate your fashion creations and their sorting, to choose the fabric and find the best sewing workshops in Israel or abroad. This will save time and unnecessary hesitation.

Marketing your brand
JS puts at your disposal a professional team, who will explain you how to highlight your business, to build customer loyalty and to find new ones. In addition to, our professional team will help you to promote your business on social networks.

JS helps you to develop your brand. Together we will design your company logo, Facebook and Instagram wallpapers, catalogs and more.

JS puts you forward, helping you and advising you. All the essential tools will be given to you for the success of your business.
Contact us today!

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