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fashion designer course


Fashion design course

The professional and comprehensive track for studying fashion design. Turning the dream into reality, from the idea to the creation of the model.JS has developed a pattern making method in which each and every one can develop any pattern from size 32-60, to design high-quality, high-level, precise and professional collections.


The topics studied in the course:


Introduction to the world of fashion

Concepts and terms related to the world of fashion.

Knowledge of sewing machines and tools.

 Knowledge of the JS method.

Fashion Illustration.

Drawing and illustrating fashion figures.

Different coloring techniques.

Textile illustration.

Technical illustration.

Preparation of inspiration boards.

Preparing a product portfolio and creating a collection.



Knowledge of the world of fabrics.

A tour in Nachalat Binyamin.

Advice and guidance for the correct choice of fabric.

Pattern making

Drawing base patterns from size 32-60 using the JS method.

Development of patterns according to different designs.

Comprehensive study of patterns: skirts, dresses, shirts,

 Sleeves, pants, jackets, overalls, swimwear and corsets.

Adapting the patterns to body shape.

"Trick tips" from the world of Pattern making.


Sewing techniques, types of stitches.

Correct pattern and selection of the fabric.

Practical experience in sewing different patterns.

Master class

Working in the studio and creating a collection, sewing the collection, preparing

a product bag for the collection.

Each student receives a kit worth NIS 4,900!!!

Sewing kit

JS ruler set

Skirts, shirts, dresses, sleeves, pants, swimwear, corsets, overalls, jackets and more, which will help you to be professional in the best way.

Two JS Pattern making books

Over 500 pages, the book contains an introduction to the world of fashion and various developments of patterns, where each cut has detailed explanations accompanied by pictures, step by step.

instructional videos

JS invites you to watch training videos that we have prepared for you, so that you can become professional and repeat the video as many times as you want anytime and anywhere for a period of one year.

WhatsApp group

JS allows you to contact us with any question or request in the WhatsApp group.


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