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A revolutionary patent in the fashion world


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JS - Back to the Future 

JS's work model is adapted like a glove next to the changing reality, with a workshop format that combines frontal teaching and online teaching. A fashion course that gives students the ability to create any cut, anytime, anywhere. Students receive a set of eleven rulers, detailed image books containing an introduction to the world of fashion, and many developments of cuts, with each cut having a detailed explanation accompanied by photos, step by step, and access to instructional videos on the site, available for viewing 24/7. In addition, our students are accompanied by the team through a personal group on WhatsApp, where they can ask any question in the field of fashion and receive the appropriate answer.

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Haaretz Labels wrote about us

"A method that drives the fashion world crazy - with zero effort."

Many professionals and students, have realized that they need to move towards the future and stop working with complicated and tedious methods that cause a lot of frustration and long work. Here we have brought to the forefront a method where you can create any model you want from size 32 to 60, such as skirts, dresses, shirts, sleeves, pants, swimwear, corsets and more, in a few minutes, professionally and wherever you choose. The method is already proving itself among beginners and advanced, so join us for our success.

Because success starts with the right choice!

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Recommendations from students
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-04 at

JS is proud to present a revolutionary method in the field of pattern creation - all sizes from 32 to 60!

Now it's possible! Everyone can realize fashion patterns as they want and create their own clothes.

​In a few minutes, you can draw a garment pattern from size 32 to size 60.
JS has developed this method where modeling becomes a child's play, forget about calculations, and lost time!


​The JS method offers you:

The JS Rulers Kit - A complete course for creating patterns.
In this course, you will find the following topics: skirts, shirts, dresses, sleeves, pants, swimwear, corsets, overalls, jackets, and more... to help you to be the best in the fashion world.

​The JS book on creating patterns - over 500 pages of explanations.
The book contains an introduction to the fashion world and various patterns of developments. All sections detail the explanations of each topic accompanied by pictures, step by step.

Video tutorials

JS invites you to watch the tutorials we have prepared for you. You can refer to and repeat these videos, anytime and anywhere.

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"Gives personal and fast treatment even from a distance through the zoom, I have fun and I am very pleased that I can perform the cuts I exactly want and fulfill my dreams. Also through the zoom, you can perform the actions as they are .. with the help of videos and bars Samuel !!! "

Jorno Samuel


WhatsApp Image 2021-02-23 at

"I take the time to say thank you very much for your patience !! I really can not believe hahaha I sewed a wedding dress you are the king of their world, thank you very much ✨❤️".

Jorno Samuel


WhatsApp Image 2021-03-15 at

“Starting to learn, one of the important things is the teacher who accompanies you in learning, and Samuel is one of the best teachers on the way to the fashion world.
Not only in terms of his talent in the profession, these in that he is a supportive and helpful teacher to his students at all times, answers all the questions and explains to the last detail, believes in them and gives them the tools they need to continue. "

Jorno Samuel


WhatsApp Image 2021-02-16 at

"Friends would like to share with you the amazing experience I had when I entered the dear Giorno family ...
For over a year now I have been fighting tooth and nail and looking to enroll in bridal and evening sewing studies and have not found anything that meets my needs, until...
I came to the amazing Revital who really fought for me to get all the information even if I did not study with Samuel in college,
And beyond being an amazing woman she gave me some service.
And the amazing Samuel who is right there for everyone with the vast knowledge and rewarding patience.


Jorno Samuel



"As a fashion designer I was looking for a place to help me improve my image skills and adjust professionally, so I purchased the ingenious JS image kit that made the whole image and design process easier and more fun and with personal and professional guidance from the master in everything related to fashion - Shmuel Jorno. ! "

Jorno Samuel


WhatsApp Image 2021-03-15 at

"Highly recommends the JS Academy. High level of professionalism, small groups, personal attitude, availability at all times, an easy and effective image learning method for making a cut in 2 minutes.
And everything is all detailed to you on the site down to the level of videos on everything from the simplest skirt to a complex bone corset.
Apart from that, Shmuel delivers the lesson in a fun and experiential way, and he cares so much about each and every one "

Jorno Samuel


WhatsApp Image 2021-03-15 at

"Visually, the kit is very attractive, colorful, and makes you want to design a lot of things. The content in the book and videos on the site allows me to learn many areas independently at my own pace. One of the things I enjoy about the kit is "I want (with an option to adapt to a specific body structure). In addition to a method that suits my way of learning, the opportunity to share my progress and Samuel's availability to answer any questions gives me the motivation to continue working and for that, I thank him highly. Highly recommend purchasing an assessment."

Jorno Samuel


WhatsApp Image 2021-02-02 at 09.28.12 (2

"When I think of Samuel, I get a picture of a heart of gold! Then I think ... genius - and smile ... think to myself what fun he is my teacher, my guide, and without a doubt my guru for fashion matters!
Dear Samuel ...
What a fun learning kit and what a pleasure everything is accompanied by your sincere mind, your caring and close and genuine accompaniment!
Thank you for everything and look forward to more innovations in the world thanks to you. "

Jorno Samuel



"I study at the JS Fashion Academy and I have the most perfect teacher in Ferrer !! Beyond that, he is also the most professional there is (worked full time in France in haute couture fashion houses) The man I hired invented the method and I most enjoy studying with him !!!"

Jorno Samuel


The founder of JS specializes in providing professional advice and services to fashion designers. I started my career as a fashion designer in Paris in 2003, where I studied and worked in the biggest fashion houses. In Israel, I opened a wedding and evening dress design studio. In China, I worked in the ready-to-wear sector when I designed lingerie and sportswear for fashion companies. I run fashion design courses and workshops in Israel and France.


"JS invites you to take part in the global fashion revolution that we have brought to you.

We are happy that you take part of the JS family."

Jorno Samuel,

Founder of  JS Company.

בית: Welcome

Just Simple fashion designer

JS Company was founded in 2008

The company's motto is to rationalize and facilitate the work of fashion designers, pattern makers, tailors, students, and all those who wish to sew their own clothes. Our goal is to get the best results in a simple, fast, professional, and accurate way.
JS has developed a revolutionary and efficient method, the first of its kind, which meets all the needs of designers and pattern makers.

The JS method is a new method to create fashion pattern developed by Jorno Samuel, a fashion designer and senior lecturer in Israel and France. After years of experience with fashion designers, model-makers, tailors, and students, he understood the difficulty in the fashion industry and the garment manufacturing process. Thus its new method facilitates the creation of fashion patronages and saves time and money during the preparation of your collection.

All rights reserved to JS Company and this site can not be reproduced and/or copied

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Success begins with making the right choice! We are here for any questions, advice, and guidance - sign up and we will get back to you soon

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